Public Understanding of Science

Thank you so much for bringing your thoughts, experiences, and energy to the discussion today and for making our first salon session such a success. You can use this website to access discussion handouts and stay up to date with salon events.
We welcome any feedback on today’s discussion and suggestions for topics for future sessions! We are interested in exploring different discussion formats and topics and would love to know what you think. Just shoot me an email ( or leave a comment in our anonymous feedback box:
We’re also looking for volunteers to lead discussions later in the summer, so also let one of us know if that’s a prospect that interests you. Don’t feel like you need to have a topic already in mind! The other organizers and I are happy to work with you to prepare for and structure a discussion on a topic that interests you.
As a final follow-up to today’s discussion, here’s are some media guides for scientists, developed based on surveys of science journalists:
Thanks again, and hope to see you on July 14 to discuss medicine and identity!
Your friendly salon organizers,
Katherine, Jolie, and Hugh
Here is the link for the 06/23/16 handout.

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