Dual-Use Research of Concern

Just a reminder that there will be a salon discussion today at 4:30pm in S-110 on dual-use research of concern. Dr. Jesse Bloom and Andy Lin will be leading that discussion. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Hope you can join us!

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Thursday, August 18, 4:30pm (Foege S-110)
Dual-use research of concern
Andy Lin (Genome Sciences) and Jesse Bloom (Genome Sciences and Fred Hutch)

Biological research is frequently conducted with the goal of improving human welfare, but some experimental results have the potential to damage public health and safety through accidental or intentional misuse. In several recent cases, scientific institutions have placed limits on the publication or conduct of certain kinds of research. This session will examine the complications of such dual-use research of concern. How can scientists, policymakers, and the public assess the risks and benefits of potential lines of inquiry? Who ultimately decides what risks are worth taking?

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