Genomics Salon Summary – 07/14 & 08/04

Thursday, July 14, 4:30pm (Foege S-110)
Jolie Carlisle (Genome Sciences) and Hugh Haddox (MCB)
Medicine is suffering from a “one-size-treat-all” treatment strategy. A desire for better treatment options has generated initiatives to develop medicines for demographic groups based on characteristics like race, sex, and age. This session will examine the pros and cons of such approaches and how culture has influenced the design of clinical trials. It will also examine the potential to use genetic information from individual patients to design personalized medical treatments: where has this approach been successful and what obstacles stand in its way?
Thursday, August 4, 4:30pm (Foege S-110)
Bioscience as change agent: rhetorics of restraint and inevitability in response to advances in genetic technologies
Leah Ceccarelli (Communication)
Last year, a group of scientists and bioethicists published an editorial in Science calling for a moratorium on the use of CRISPR-Cas9 for germline genome modification, drawing comparisons to the 1975 Asilomar letter calling for voluntary deferral of certain kinds of recombinant DNA research. This session will compare the rhetoric of these two influential statements. How does the language and framing of these two letters portray bioscience and its capacity for change? What do they suggest about our collective ability to shape the course of technological change?

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