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Summer Quarter 2019

This summer, the Genomics Salon will be hosting a series of workshops in which trainees work together to develop skills in science writing for a general audience. Specifically, each participant will work towards submitting an article proposal to the Conversation on a topic of their choice. The Conversation is a not-for-profit media outlet that publishes content from academics and researchers. Articles in the Conversation are published under a Creative Commons license and can be reblogged by other outlets.

Over the course of the workshops, participants will create an article proposal which they may submit to the Conversation. During each session, students will work together to discuss potential article topics and critique each other’s work. Below is a brief description of each session of the workshop.

Attending each session is not required, but is encouraged.

We look forward to working with you!

Jolie Carlisle, Michael Goldberg, Dr. Bryce Taylor

Session 1: Article Discussion/Proposal Format (June 27th, Foege S-110 @530)

Ian Haydon, an experienced science writer for the Institute of Protein Design, will tell us about his experiences writing for the Conversation and how they have helped develop his career. Attendees will discuss an article from the Conversation as a group. Workshop leaders will discuss the article proposal format. Remaining time will be spent discussing topic choices.

Session 2: Critique of Proposal Outlines (July 11th, Foege S-110 @530)

Attendees will bring an outline/early draft of their proposals for their article. Groups will be formed to give feedback on outlines and development of topic.

Session 3: Critique of Proposal Drafts (July 25th, Foege S-040 @530)

Attendees will bring in a draft of their article proposal and article outline for critique.

Session 4: Critique of Article Outlines/Early Drafts (August 8th, Foege S-110 @530)

We will go over what we have written so far, be that a detailed outline or early draft. By the end of this session, each participant will have a proposal ready for submission.

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